Travel around to different areas with two famous movie characters of all time, Bill and Ted. This slot game is based on the movie about them. The game consists of them collecting some historical figures so they are able to pass the high school report they must finish. During the slot game, you get to see clips of the movie and it gives you quotes from the characters out of the film along with showing images too. The game has some interesting and fun bonus games as well so that you can multiply your earnings to have a bigger amount of profits.

The company that designed this slot game also tried their best to keep the plot the same as the movie even though they made it unique as well. When the game first begins, the player gets the option of which historical figure they want to use for the high school report. Depending on the one you choose, it will show a section from the movie that shows your chosen selection. Every time you make a spin with the slot, a quote from either Bill or Ted or one of the other mentoring characters will pop up and it adds to the excitement of the game.

This slot game is perfect for those that are fans of the movie, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Even if you have never seen the film it is still a fun game and will keep you entertained for quit a while. When you are planning a trip to the casino then you should really put this on the list of games to try for the night. Many people enjoy slots so why not give this one a go since it has so many awesome features to offer people. Bill and Ted are some amazing characters and you the designers of this game have not only shown how awesome they are but also give you a chance to play in the fantasy world along with them.

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